“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis

Volunteers Needed

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Liturgical Ministries 

Liturgical Ministers are needed for all of our Sunday and Holy Day

Masses and are open to both youth and adults who are in good standing with the Catholic Church. Our hope is that you will prayerfully consider becoming a part of one of these ministries.

 Altar Server:    The ministry of Altar Server is open to anyone ages 10 and over.  This is a perfect ministry for a parent, brothers and/or sisters, or a couple.   The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. Two Servers minimum needed for each ordinary Mass.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:  This ministry

consists of a group of parishioners (approved by the Bishop) who assist the priests in the distribution of Holy Communion at all Masses.  Some ministers also visit our parishioners who are homebound, in hospitals, or nursing homes. Those who serve in this ministry consider it a great honor to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the members of our parish.  We encourage you to inquire about this very special ministry.

Ministry of Care: Taking Eucharist to the sick (Homebound & Nursing Home).

Minister of Hospitality:   Ministers of Hospitality serve to greet and welcome people as they enter the church for Masses. They distribute Mass aids and other items at the doors, assist parishioners in finding seats in the church and stand ready to offer direction and assistance to visitors and others who need help.  This is a great ministry for people who want to get to know their fellow parishioners.  They also distribute the offertory    baskets, put away the collection and straighten the pews after Mass.   Ministers are needed for each weekend Mass.  Open to 9th grade and over.

Lector:   The Lector Ministry is the lay ministry of the Word.  Persons serving in this ministry have the privilege and high honor to proclaim to the assembled faithful the first and second readings as well as the Prayers of the Faithful.  Lectors receive spirituality and procedural training on an annual basis prior to serving. Schedules and  readings are provided in advance giving lectors the opportunity to properly prepare or exchange scheduled times with other lectors in the event of a scheduling conflict. Two Lectors are required for each Mass.

Music Ministry:  It is the purpose of St. Francis of Assisi’s Music Ministry to support the prayer of all who have gathered together in the assembly.  We seek to enrich all who seek to worship here through music.  Music opportunities include: Cantor/Musical Instrument, Handbell Choir (Jr. High and up) as well as Adult, Youth, and Children Choirs.

Sacristan:   The sacristan committee works to see that all altar linens are Laundered properly, ironed, and in good repair.  The committee also   replenishes candles and assures the inventories are kept up to date. Committee members assist on a rotating basis throughout the year.

Sound Board:   Sound Board Ministers provide a vital part of the liturgy, enabling the faithful to hear the priests, lectors, musicians, and others who participate during the mass.  They also distribute hearing devices to those who want to use them during the liturgy.   Each volunteer is scheduled on a rotating basis.  Training is provided.  One minister is needed for each weekend Mass, funerals, and weddings.

Children’s Ministry

Teach children through both facts and experiences to help them to follow Jesus. The existence of a children’s ministry helps to validate the importance of children within the church. As a result, children feel welcomed and loved in our parish community.

 Nursery: Nursery is provided during 10:30 Mass for babies 2 months – 2 years old. Adult and teen volunteers are needed to baby-sit and are scheduled on a rotating basis. All parents who use this service are expected to be placed on the baby-sitting schedule.

Children’s Church Leaders:  Liturgy of the Word – Offered for children 3 years old through Kindergarten during Sunday 10:30 Mass.  Adult leaders are needed to rotate weekends.

Disciples of Jesus:  Liturgy of the Word – Offered for 1st – 3rd grade during Sunday 10:30 Mass.  Adult leaders are needed to rotate weekends.

Children’s Religious Education Catechist (Teacher): (PreK-6th Grade)  Catechists and assistants are needed on Sundays 9:00-10:15 am.  Materials, resources, and training are provided.

Children’s Special Events: Adult and Teen volunteers are needed to help host and assist for children’s events such as Vacation Bible School, Advent Fair, and other seasonal events.

Youth Ministry

You do not have to be an expert in Theology and have all the “right” answers.  We simply need adults who are willing to share their Catholic faith, as well as build relationships with our youth and encourage them as they grow in their faith.      Yahweh’s Youth (YY) 7th – 8th grade  Faithful Followers (FF) 9th – 12th grade.

7th—12th Grade Catechists/CORE Team: Teach and assist on Sundays 6:00-8:00 p.m..  Materials, resources, and training are provided.

7th—12th Grade Youth Activities:  Parents and adult volunteers are needed to help chaperone, coach, host, assist, and drive for youth events.

7th—12th Grade Youth Supper Servers:  Adults are needed to assist in serving meals on Sunday Nights on a rotating schedule.

Sacrament Preparation 

Marriage Preparation:  This ministry involves married couples and prenuptial couples.  Many VOLUNTEER MARRIED COUPLES are needed for this special ministry. Training and materials provided.

Baptism Preparation: What better way to strengthen our faith than through the sacrament of Baptism.  Parents who have already had their children baptized are needed in preparing other parents for the Baptism of their children.  Instruction is provided.  Classes are held every other month and last about 1 hour.

Confirmation Preparation: Confirmed Catholics are needed to help teach and assist with preparing our youth for the Sacrament of        Confirmation. We meet 8-10 times a year. Materials and training are  provided.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA):    Volunteers are needed year round to serve as Team Members and Sponsors or Godparents.  Team Members assist with receptions, lead Dismissal Reflection, train sponsors and godparents, photograph RCIA Rites, and help lead and plan sessions. Sponsors and godparents must be fully initiated (Baptism, Confirmation & Eucharist), and actively participating Catholics to serve as companions for RCIA candidates throughout their  journey.

Please contact the parish office for more information about these ministries.