“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis

Priest in Residence

Third Sunday of Lent

In today’s gospel, both Jesus and the Samaritan woman came to the well to draw water because they were thirsty.  However, Jesus recognized that the woman was thirsty for more than water.  She had lived with five different men and was married to none of them.  She was thirsting for something much deeper. She was thirsting for God, and that thirst was not being quenched by a life of sin.

Jesus looked beyond her sin and saw someone who was thirsting for God but did not know how to satisfy that thirst.  Jesus asked her for a drink of water.  In return, he offered her much more.
He offered her “living water.” She did not understand that Jesus is the Living Water. But when Jesus acknowledged her sinful life in a way that was compassionate and merciful, she recognized him as the Messiah.


We recognize that we are like the Samaritan woman.  We too hunger and thirst for the Lord.  But we have also sought to quench that thirst in ways other than turning to the Lord.  We have allowed ouselves to be deceived by the false promises of happiness offered by the word and by sin.  Jesus looks upon us with compassion and mercy.  He offers us “living waters” that wash away our sins and satisfy that deepest thirst within all of us – the thirst for God.

Msgr. Elvin Sunds