“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis

Pastor’s Desk



Not everything is locked down:

SUNRISE                   LEARNING                           PRAYING            FAITH

LOVE                          CONVERSATION                SLEEPING          PRAYING

FAMILY time            IMAGINATION                   WORK                  HOPE

KINDNESS               RELATIONSHIP                  READING           CHARITY

All of these virtues at not lock down.  Cherish what you have.  Locked down is an opportunity to do what you always wanted to do at home. Stay home, stay safe.

MASK is better than a VENTILATOR

HOME is better than ICU.

Let us pray in the name of the Lord and celebrate Palm Sunday with the palms in our heart. Also, let us all pray together to God the Father through his Son Jesus Christ and to Mary for divine protection.

Below you will see St. Francis’ Holy Week Live Streamed Schedule.

Fr. Albeen