“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis

Pastor’s Desk



Marco Polo journeyed to India and China; Christopher Columbus journeyed to America; Admiral Byrd journeyed to the South Pole; Armstrong journeyed to the moon. They all undertook daring adventures. Likewise, the Magi, as narrated in the Gospel, journeyed to find the newborn babe Jesus. Leaving the security of their homeland, they ventured forth into a strange country to find the Savior. Like all people, these Magi too were in constant search after human fulfillment, but they believed that only in the Savior Jesus they could finally find what they had been searching for all their lives. We too are making our journeys, searching for something permanent and eternal. But we need a guide for our spiritual journey as the Magi needed a star to guide them to Jesus. Our guiding star is obviously the divine teachings of Christ. However, our journey towards a closer encounter with Christ will not all the time be smooth and easy; neither was it so for the Magi. But we must not be discouraged or give up. We must keep going on. If we are daring enough to keep going forward, we will see that the darkness will pass and once again we could have the glimpse of the initial star that we saw when we set out on our journey. When we encounter Jesus, we will travel through life by a different route as the Magi did after adoring Jesus.

Fr. Albeen