“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis

Pastor’s Desk


Preparation of Heart and Life:

Salvation is God’s gift, and no one can claim the right to be saved. God saves us out of sheer love; only he can save us and, fortunately for us, he longs to do it. A French proverb goes, “Great joys weep and great sorrow laugh”, for life itself is made up of marble and mud. It is true that Advent has joyous strains, but it also calls us to struggle in straightening up our lives, using those sources of help that are available. John the Baptist arrested peoples attention and made them think. We may spend days and nights thinking about many other things, but to think about the state of our souls and our need for Christ is the most difficult thing. Secondly, He prepared the people by arraigning their behavior. He called people to change their lives. They, too, were called to bear fruits worthy of
repentance. Thus, rough ways, the twisted roads and the steep paths are negotiable for he is coming.

—  Fr. Albeen.