“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis

Pastor’s Desk


Prudence to become enriched in God

Jesus asks his followers to take more interest in their future than the steward of his parable took in his own. The steward in the parable ensures his own future by doing favors to others, but this he does by cheating his master.  And Jesus commends him, not for his dishonesty but for taking an interest in the future (Lk 16:8).  The steward can look ahead and see that after he is fired for  incompetence, he will have little prospect of getting another job.  So, before the axe falls, he puts others in his debt so they will be obliged to him when he is unemployed.  He foresees his future and provides for it.  If our best future lies in heaven, then we must all take active interest in our future.  But, when should our interest in the future begin? After the resurrection of the dead?  Certainly not, for that would be a concern for the future at the expense of the present and that we reject.  Our future begins now. Let us be prudent in our spiritual lives to become rich in God’s eyes.

Fr. Albeen