“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis


The Ministry of Sacristan in the Catholic Church has changed over the years. Many years ago, the main duty of the Sacristan was the handling and laying out of the vestments for the priest.

Today the responsibility of the Sacristan ministry is to ensure that parishioners have available to them a clean, comfortable and peaceful atmosphere in which to worship.

The sacristan works closely with the staff to see that all the linens are laundered, ironed and in good repair. They also replenish candles throughout the church and memory chapel and assure the inventories are kept up to date. They respond to the call for help by assisting on a rotating basis.

The requirements are simple

  • to be a member in good standing of the parish
  • to have the desire to serve your fellow parishioners in the Ministry

Call the office to join in this ministry.