“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis

Coffee and Creed

Our new study for the Fall will be from the Lectio series on Formed.org. Following on the heels of John 6, we will take a deep dive with Dr. Pitre on the Eucharist. There is a study guide available for this series. The cost is $8.95. It is a discount off the normal price. However, the materials are available for download on Formed.org. But if you would prefer a “pretty” study guide (optional), $8.95 is a nice price. The parish has invested in a subscription to Signup Genius and I am using it to get the word out about our study. From this link, you can pay for a copy of the study guide (if you want to purchase one). The link is below:


If you want to invite other friends or relatives to our study, please forward this email, or copy the link and paste it into your own custom email. How beautiful would it be to fill St. Clare with fellow parishioners who want to learn more about the “source and summit” of our faith? Be an evangelist. Help spread the word!