“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis

Parochial Vicar’s Desk

Children of the Light

This weekend St. Paul reminds us that we are “children of the light.” We are not “of the night” or “in darkness.” St. Paul is speaking about the coming of the “day of the Lord” and our own need to be prepared. This is true, we do need to be prepared. The best way we can do this is by doing the things that help keep us close to God – making time to pray and growing in prayer, reading the scriptures, doing good works. When we make time for God, then we begin to grow in relationship with Him and then preparation for the “day of the Lord” is not so much about preparation, but about keeping a relationship and growing in that relationship. “Children of the light” know where their light comes from. They know that light is the light of love and that love lives in them and it goes out from them. May God bless you as you grow in that light and as you carry that light into the darkness of the world.

Fr. Jason.