“It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” -St. Francis

Pastor’s Desk





One could love lent. Like all lovable things, Lent is meant to be enjoyed rather than to be endured.   No matter what kind of a mess we have made of things up to this point. Lent once again offers us an opportunity to leave our past behind and start again. We grow by giving a mature response to God’s covenanted love which rings in his promise, dressed in symbolic language, “I set my bow in the clouds to serve as the sign of the eternal covenant between me and the earth. Never again shall a flood destroy all mortal beings” (Gen 9: 14-15). God fulfilled his promise when Jesus died on the cross and rose again. “This is why Christ died for sins once and for all so that he could lead you to God” (1Pet 3:18). God intends life for us, not death. We grow during Lent by accepting this “Good News”. No matter how much the power of sin and its effects have flooded every area of our lives, salvation is possible for those who enter the ark and separate themselves from evil.

Lent is a training period. It trains us combat evil through desert experience, as Jesus himself did for forty days (Mk 1:12-13). There are desert areas in our lives where decisions are needed, and resolutions must be made. Let us begin Lent with confidence, because whether we gaze with longing into the garden or with fear into the desert, God walked there first. Let us begin Lent with hope, because the symbols of ashes and purple and somberness of Lent will soon be eclipsed by the light and flowers and alleluias of Easter season. Let us begin Lent-our fasting, abstinence, prayer and works of charity, may indeed be small, but they are important victories for the Kingdom of God and they are defeats for the evil present in our lives.

Fr. Albeen